To Stake or Not to Stake, ETH 2.0 Testers Weigh In

To stake or not to stake

Testnets serve a very good purpose, and that is to determine whether the technology is capable of running on a much broader scale. For Ethereum, the Medalla testnet has been in operation and growing in terms of staked ETH and validators since early August.

Not all validators have been happy with the experience, however, and one has stated that he has no intention of staking on Beacon Chain when it gets launched.

Reasons not to Stake

Beacon Chain validator Chase Wright has launched a scathing thread on twitter explaining why he has no intention of staking real ETH after participating in the testnet.

There have been several Ethereum 2.0 test networks, including Onyx, Witti, Altona, and Medalla is the latest and final one. Wright stated that he has done extensive testing on multiple networks using multiple clients and has become highly familiar with their operation.

Firstly he has claimed that average Medalla validators have yet to profit due to a bug in a client, the most popular for testing is Prysm, which has over 90% of the share. Incensed that developers have not fixed the bug, he added that there has yet to be a fork on Beacon Chain, and forking is not the solution anyway. Continue Reading

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