The Associated Press Has Leveraged Ethereum For Recording US Election Data


New York-based 174-year-old, non-profit news agency, The Associated Press, has been publishing their calls for the US Presidential election on the Ethereum blockchain.

Blockchain adoption has just achieved a major milestone. The Associated Press has chosen the Ethereum blockchain to publish calls for the latest US Presidential election.

The nearly 200-year-old New York-based non-profit news agency has been counting votes since its inception in 1848 and will do the same this year too by collecting, verifying votes, and declaring winners in 7000 contests. This comes as the ETH 2.0 deposit contract was just launched.

The Associated Press Takes To Ethereum For Recording US Election Data

It’s official. The Associated Press (AP) is leveraging the Ethereum blockchain system for recording vote count from the ongoing US Presidential election. This is the first time that a decentralized computing system is being used to maintain records of one of the biggest electoral events in history, possibly the closest. Continue Reading

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When I came up with Ethereum, my first first thought was, 'Okay, this thing is too good to be true.' As it turned out, the core Ethereum idea was good - fundamentally, completely sound