Quit Chrome and See the Light With – Brave Browser

Brave Browser is secure and fast

For a long time now Chrome and Firefox have been the leading browsers that most people use, but that’s all changing. Don’t get me wrong- there isn’t anything wrong with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. In-fact, they’re actually great products, but why use them if there is something better?

Introducing, Brave Browser.

Brave Browser is built on the foundation of Google Chrome, but differs by having built in privacy features such as; tracker(s) and cooking blocking, add blocking, crypto wallet integrations, and a native BAT crypto token. Brave saves time, keeps you safe, and allows you to earn money from advertisements while browsing. Brave’s mantra is all about privacy and security online.

Secure, Fast, and Private web browsing with built in ad blocking

Brave Browser

Maybe you’re thinking, well I’m already using an add blocker extension on Google Chrome, isn’t that enough? Frankly, the answer is no. Brave puts it’s users privacy first. Instead of just using a browser(Chrome) that sells your information and data to advertisers, tracks your every online move, and stores all of your browsing history, why not try a browser that does none of those things and is built around an ethos of privacy, integrity, and built to protect you from the exploitative efforts of the “online surveillance” economy.

BAT Token

BAT stands for Basic Attention Token and is the crypto token related to brave browser. The token is traded on exchanges, used for add rewards, auto-contributions, or for tipping online.

What Sets Brave Apart & Why You Should Ditch Chrome

Consider the times you’ve been browsing on your computer looking at a product, say reviews of headphones. Then you go to your phone or some other platform and start seeing advertisements for that same product you just checked on Google. Every wonder how that’s possible? Well, Google is tracking your every online move. All your search history, sites you visit, every keystroke you make is being logged in Chrome for Google to take advantage of. Continue Reading

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When I came up with Ethereum, my first first thought was, 'Okay, this thing is too good to be true.' As it turned out, the core Ethereum idea was good - fundamentally, completely sound