KuMEX Rebrands as KuCoin Futures with the Launch of ETH Perpetual Futures

Kucoin ETH futures

On June 3, 2020, KuCoin, an IDG-backed exchange, announced that its futures trading platform KuMEX will be rebranded as “Kucoin Futures”.

The official website of KuCoin Futures has been updated to futures.kucoin.com. The communities and social media channels will also be renamed. The original domain name kumex.com will still be available for the next 6 months. Users do not need to re-register, and they can continue using their original account to access the web, app, and API. The features on the KuCoin Futures website will not be altered during the upgrade.

Since going online in July 2019, KuCoin Futures has supported Bitcoin perpetual and quarterly contracts as well as USDT-Margined perpetual contracts. To create a fair trading environment, KuCoin Futures is the only futures platform that supports the Level 3 data push mechanism. With its rapid development, the highest trading volume of KuCoin Futures has exceeded USD 200 million.

To further enhance the influence of KuCoin in the crypto derivatives market, reshape the core value of the KuCoin Futures brand, and provide the world’s top futures trading experience to its users, the KuCoin Futures team decided to rebrand the platform. 

After the rebranding, KuCoin Futures will dedicate more resources to the platform to keep the products polished, leading to the launches of BCH, EOS, and other contracts. It will also provide new features, such as Cross Collateral, high-frequency trading dynamic diversions and big data risk controls. KuCoin Futures will provide users with derivative financial services that are both safe and fair. Read More

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