Ethereum Miners May Be Kicked Out Before Phase One Say Devs

Ethereum miners

The merger of current ethereum into the new Proof of Stake (PoS) chain does not necessarily have to wait for the so-called phase one or data sharding according to a new roadmap by ethereum developers.

“Essentially, (i) light client support, (ii) data sharding (aka “phase 1″) and (iii) the merge are all being specced in such a way as to be independent of each other, so each piece can be implemented ‘when ready’ regardless of what stage the other pieces are at,” ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin says.

Other devs concurred, with Danny Ryan, the ethereum 2.0 coordinator stating a merger testnet may be out soon:

“You can doc eth1 onto eth2 before you add sharded data availability or vice versa. The independence is allowing both of these efforts to be developed at the same time. We might even see an eth1/eth2 merge testnet in the relatively near future…”

However, this merger should not be expected any time soon with Justin Drake, an eth dev, stating:

“The Eth1-Eth2 merge is hard because it involves coordination between Eth1 and Eth2 and requires going against Eth1’s ossification. I don’t expect the Eth1-Eth2 merge to happen in 2021.” Continue Reading

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When I came up with Ethereum, my first first thought was, 'Okay, this thing is too good to be true.' As it turned out, the core Ethereum idea was good - fundamentally, completely sound