Decentralized Domains – Decentralizing the Internet Through Blockchain

decentralize the internet

Most people associate blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies, and they do go hand-in-hand, but blockchain has other uses too, like decentralized domains.

Decentralized domains are like what it says on the tin: a domain that’s built on a decentralized architecture, and the beauty is that it has the security of the blockchain they’re built on.

Is There a Need for Decentralized Domains?

First of all, the Internet as we know it is completely centralized. Legacy domains such as ‘.com’, ‘.org’ and ‘.net’ are controlled by the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names, which are then purchased and hosted through other centralized corporations. Since each step in the process is centralized, it’s easy for authorities to seize or even take down a domain.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the looming global recession, Internet censorship is once again on the rise. While censorship was once considered a trait of authoritarian China, Russia, and North Korea, according to the pro-democracy advisory board Freedom House, there has been a sharp and worrying increase in global internet censorship among democratic nations. So the need for something that can’t censor content is what’s needed. Read More at MinedHash

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