CZ Endorses Brave Browser (BAT) for Protecting Internet Privacy

CZ endorses Brave BAT

In a major endorsement for online privacy, Binance crypto exchange CEO, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) advocated the use of privacy-centric web browser Brave (BAT) suggesting that the browser can help users protect their privacy online. CZ posted the tweet on April 10, 2020.

CZ Advocates Use of Brave Browser

Brave, a privacy-focused web browser that also rewards users in its native cryptocurrency – Basic Attention Token (BAT) – for viewing relevant advertisements, has unarguably emerged as one of the fastest-growing web browsers in existence.

The browser comes with an arsenal of exciting features that would win the fancy of any tech enthusiast. Brave features an in-built cryptocurrency wallet where users can store their BAT tokens. With BAT, users can choose to reward their favorite websites monetarily.

Now, in a major endorsement to the efficiency of the browser, Binance crypto exchange CEO CZ has posted a tweet encouraging users to use the privacy-enhancing web browser. Read More…

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