Crypto Artist Auctions Fractions of Michelangelo’s Masterpiece as NFTs

Digital Art

Pak, currently the second-highest-grossing crypto artist in the world, has just launched their next non-fungible tokens (NFT) auction, titled “The Creation.” And this time around, they didn’t even have to create anything—instead, that job was delegated to Michelangelo and the bidders themselves.

“Art creates collectors create creators create art,” Pak curiously tweeted yesterday, hinting at the upcoming auction.

Yeah, it’s a bit complicated.

According to metrics platform, Pak is currently the second-most profitable crypto artist in the world as his NFTs have been sold for roughly $5.2 million combined.

The main attraction of the drop is Michelangelo’s most famous artwork, “The Creation of Adam.” The original, physical fresco painting made by the Italian artist currently forms part of the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling—as it has been for half of the last millennia.

For the auction, Pak has digitalized “The Creation of Adam” and cut it into 560 (35 by 16) different tiles, each represented by an NFT. Collectors are invited to bid on any piece of the artwork they want, and when a tile is successfully auctioned off, it will be revealed on the collection’s main token contract called “CREATION.” Continue Reading

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