Chainlink (LINK) To $100?

Chainlink keeps going up

Chainlink (LINK) To $100?

Chainlink (LINK) keeps going from strength to strength as the best performing cryptocurrency of the last 12 months hit new all time highs of $10.68 even during a market pullback.

It’s remarkable return for Chainlink investors who are nearing a 100x return of interest since the ICO.

Back then in September 2017, LINK was a miniscule $0.11, and any investor who saw the potential of Chainlink will be feeling mighty pleased with themselves.

But are the so-called LINK Marines ready to cash in on this amazing ride?

LINK to $100

LINK Marines Will HODL To $100

LINK Marines are some of the most passionate crypto investors and make for a tribal community.

They are extremely confident in the fundamentals governing the upward trajectory of ChainLink, and they vociferously ridiculed Zeus Capital’s claim that the project is vaporware.

And many in the LINK community are determined to hodl until the coin hits $100, and only then will they start taking profits.

Will LINK Really Keep Rising to $100?

The last 15 months have been phenomenal for Chainlink. Anyone who bought and held is quids in, but will they really hodl until $100. Will LINK even keep going up to $100 and beyond?

The LINK price continues its upward trajectory, and every all time high set, brings more headlines, more interest and ultimately more investors.

And as its early days in the bull cycle, who’s to say it can’t reach $100?

If we look at the 4hr chart, we can see the argument that LINK is overbought, but the uptrend of the last ten days is extremely bullish.

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Coming off a relatively flat two-week period LINK has been surging, and given that there has been intraday pullbacks, it gives one confidence that the price will keep running.

As we can see with the green candle burst through the 20-day Bollinger Band, and with no resistance, $12-$15 is well within reach, if the market remains buoyant.

Many will say the long term price will depend on Bitcoin and the market sentiment, but the price action since May last year defied Bitcoin’s collapse.

LINK Could Turn Out To Be The Crypto of This Bull Cycle

With the price performance of LINK being so impressive since May last year, some fear getting in in case there’s a huge correction.

While anything is possible, you have to remember that we’re only just starting the bull cycle, and if as expected it goes on for the next 18 months or so, LINK could turn out to be this cycle’s Ethereum.

Chainlink to $100

Back in March 2016 Ethereum rose dramatically to around $14 before pulling back to around $10 by the start of 2017.

Many thought Ethereum would drop further from there, but little over a year later it was trading at $1368 an ETH.

All of a sudden, the LINK Marines’ $100 LINK doesn’t sound so improbable, and it might just be worth buying and hodling.

Author: Pablo Clarke

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