Build A Second Life Property Empire On MegaCryptoPolis

Mega Crypto Polis Second Life

Ethereum-based virtual world MegaCryptoPolis introduces the possibility of a second life investment empire in blockchain’s latest strategy game.

The game, which utilizes Ethereum smart contracts demonstrates a completely new approach to how decentralized games are built and played.

MegaCryptoPolis takes place in a virtual districts, and players ‘Citizens’ act like normal citizens running their day to day lives trying to be as successful as possible.

Like any good strategy game, players can work hard and invest more to build their empire. Unlike most other games, however, in this second life players are playing for real ETH, and the value invested and earned really does matter.

Ethereum-Based Game: MegaCryptoPolis

Launched in January 2019, MegaCryptoPolis is a decentralized city that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Mega Crypto Polis Second Life

Every asset is a cryptographically unique ERC721 NFT token and is represented as in-game features such as buildings, power stations, and even pets.

The game, as the name suggests is a second life strategy game based in a virtual city made up of districts. Each player can work for and invest real ETH and turn it into a stream of income with some good investment moves.

Creating Your Second Life in MegaCryptoPolis

Every citizen in the this second life has unique genotype that defines his appearance and qualifications, which they’re given these at birth and can’t change.

A Citizen will carry out duties in a building, and be paid for their hard work. And the more prestigious the building they work in the higher the salary can be.

Every operation slightly decreases citizen’s stamina. And if a Citizen wants to restore his stamina, he can go into a Commercial building and pay a small fee in ETH to have his stamina restored.

Build Your Second Life Property Empire

Each player is a Citizen of MegaCryptoPolis and they can choose to rent a property and earn little bits of ETH through their daily duties, or like any good investment strategy, a citizen can buy and invest in their land plot.

The land plots are up for auction, and like any other city, it’s all about location, location, location. The more desirable part of town will set you back in more ETH.

Buildings can start as a smaller investment and be upgraded with more investment later. And the bigger and more useful to society your building is, the more income you will receive.

Buildings can be anything from residential to office blocks to power plants, and the more useful and better located the building, the more ETH a player will likely earn.

Citizens can establish themselves as business owners of many different types, and earn ETH from several different income streams.

Mega Crypto Polis Second Life

Beware of The Taxman

As with all societies, there’s tax to be paid.

Every time a player builds or upgrades a building, buys produced materials, or appliances, or if a player collects some income there’s a small tax to be paid to the Regional Budget (of a certain district) and the Federal Budget (the whole map).

The tax rates are set by district owners, and the Regional Budget collected is distributed every 24 hours between office buildings. However, in the unfortunate case of a natural disaster Municipal buildings will receive the tax funds.

The Federal Budget is collected for longer periods and the distribution of the collected funds range from 90 days up to 365 days.

The Federal Budget is paid out to every player, who receives an amount depending on his share of total Influence Points within the game.

Become a District Owner

Districts are basically larger blocks that feature on the game map. All blocks are contained within a district, all of which may vary in size, form and geographical position.

Districts are also ERC-721 tokens and are held in a player’s wallet, and district owners receive benefits for their investment and hard work.

Mega Crypto Polis and Second Life

District Owner Benefits

Really want to make the bigger bucks in your second life? Become a district owner.

There is a limited number of Districts, and any player can acquire an uninhabited district at the auction.

The starting price for a district begins at 5 ETH, with bid increments set at 0.5 ETH. Every bid prolongs the auction for further 7 days from the moment the new bid was made.

To participate in an auction, a player has to transfer the amount of ETH required to the smart contract, where it will be locked until the auction end date or a higher bid occurs.

After a new highest bid is made, any player can make another bid within 7 days. If nobody makes a higher bid the district will be awarded to the player who has the last bid.

Once a District has an owner, other players can begin to buy land blocks and start building on them.

As a district owner, you determine the price of each block within your district. And you also make a profit from any other player selling his land plot in your district. And you will also earn more of the Regional Budget that’s paid daily to every player.

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Being a property landlord is a dream for many but few achieve it. The immutability and security of the Ethereum blockchain means we can now build games with economies, which players can build virtual lives and with real investment.

MegaCryptoPolis is a strategy game with real value investment involved. It ups the ante of second life games, and any person who fancies himself as a good citizen or property investor really should give it a go.

Author: Tommy Limpitlaw

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