Brave Browser – Focus on Privacy Or Get Paid While Browsing The Internet

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is a free, open-source Internet browser, that is privacy focussed by default, but if you opt in to receive ads, you will be paid for the mild intrusion.

Brave’s policy on privacy and shared revenue is considered to be the future of browsing and all decentralized internet usage, but what exactly is Brave Browser?

What Is Brave Browser?

Created by Brendan Eich, founder of JavaScript and Mozilla, Brave Browser was launched in 2016, and is a privacy-focussed browser, which doesn’t collect, store or sell users’ data.

Brave is a free browser that allows users to browse, view online content, and run web applications.

It uses some of the best ad-blocking security, which is set by default. If a user allows ads on one’s browsing experience, however, they will be rewarded with a revenue share and paid out in Brave’s native cryptocurrency BAT.

Brave homepage

As you’d expect, Brave Browser has an elegant user interface, and utilizes everything you’d expect from a browser.

Brave browser is faster than all of its competitors, and on the home screen it counts up and shows the minutes and hours saved, the amount of ads and trackers blocked, and the HTTPS upgrades while using Brave.

After recently partnering with the biggest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, it now has an extension on the homepage that allows users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies, without the need for logging into Binance.

Theres also a counter that indicates how much rewards you have earned each month. The rewards are in BAT, and it the widget, which is connected to your wallet also displays the worth of BAT in US Dollars.

Brave Browser – The Best Browser for Privacy

If your goal is to remain private and make sure you’re not being followed on the Internet then Brave Browser is for you.

Brave browser is all about privacy. It is the best browser for privacy and Brave’s goal is to offer the highest form of privacy to its users.

As a privacy-conscious browser, Brave is much securer than its competitors. As well as blocking ads, it also blocks crawlers and blocking scripts, and the browser is equipped to protect your device from malware.

Brave will hide your digital footprint

As well as this, Brave Browser offers its users the opportunity to go absolutely undetected if you so wish.

If you really want to make sure your time online is private Brave browser offers its users the option of opening a private window using the Onion Router and will connect you to the TOR Network.

This option is the most privacy focussed setting on Brave Browser, and it will connect you to the TOR Network through a chain of three different connections, and then deliver you to your destination.

This feature hides your IP address from all the websites you visit and also your online browsing history from your Internet service provider. Ensuring your online footprint is completely anonymous and completely private.

All of Brave security features are enabled by default when you install the browser, so if privacy is your main reason for choosing Brave Browser, you don’t need to change anything.

If you would like to opt in to receive ads and earn some BAT cryptocurrency, you simply change a few settings and opt in.

The Brave Reward System

As stated, Brave is a privacy-focussed browser, but if you don’t mind allowing subtle ads on your browsing experience, Brave will pay you part of the revenue-share that it generates through partnerships with companies paying to advertise.

The settings need to be changed to allow ads, and for what Brave sees as the invasion of your space, you will be rewarded with the BAT cryptocurrency.

Brave Browser

The ads presented are based on users’ interests, as inferred from one’s browsing behaviour, and no personal data or browsing history ever leaves a users’ browser.

There is a widget on the homepage that tells you exactly how much BAT you have earned in any given month. It also displays the equivalent amount of BAT earned in US Dollars. It is calculated from the going rate, which at the time of writing is $0.25 per BAT.

There’s also a tip counter, which let’s you know if anybody has tipped you. This is usually the case for content creators. So, if you have your own blog or YouTube channel, you simply register your platform to Brave Publishers, and once you’re signed up you might receive a tip from anyone genuinely appreciating your work.

So, whether you’re a content creator, or just an Internet browser you can be paid for your work or just your time, and the rewards in BAT are paid out after the end of each month.

Brave a Browser for Privacy, Security and Earning

Brave is more than just a browser. It’s democratizing the browsing experience, by giving power and control back to the user.

Its focus is privacy, and if that’s what you want, you get as much privacy as you like, and you can be sure that if you really want to remain inconspicuous online, with Brave you can be.

Not only is it the best browser for privacy, with the lack of third-party ads, it is the fastest browsing experience.

However, if you don’t mind sharing your conscious with relevant ads, you will be rewarded with BAT cryptocurrency, and if you’re a content creator and you have a big following, you will likely receive tips from your audience.

Brave is just getting going, but recently announced it had its 15 millionth user sign up, which is still less than 1% of the entire browsing market.

As with many cryptocurrency related projects, it’s just a matter of time, and as people learn about Brave’s features, the private, the impatient and the ones who simply want to create value from their time, will migrate onto Brave.

Author: Tommy Limpitlaw

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