Be A Football Manager and Win ETH With Sorare NFT Football Cards

Sorare Fantasy Football

Fancy pitting your wits against football managers worldwide? Sorare’s Global Fantasy Football uses Ethereum and Loom blockchains to bring the first ever NFT football token-based game.

What are NFTs and Crypto Collectibles?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have the potential to bring the masses to Ethereum. We had CryptoKitties back in 2017, but that was just the beginning of ETH-based NFTs and now we’re seeing other collectibles such as digital football cards.

Any unique asset can be created with NFTs, and this opens up the possibility of so much, from gaming skins to art collectibles. Think CryptoKitties, each one of them was unique.

Each digital kitten is represented by a unique, non-replicable code, and at its height, the most expensive cryptokitty, called Dragon, was sold for an astonishing 600 ETH – roughly $170,000.

Of course this was speculation on the rarity and popularity of such an asset, but it goes to show how people are willing to pay for digital assets or NFTs.

But the beauty of blockchain technology, it can ensure that however many of an NFT are made that no more can be copied.

As well as CryptoKitties and Sorare football cards, we have marketplaces for LAND and Decentraland – a virtual world where you can buy and invest in land. And just like the real world, it’s about location.

Sorare NFT Digital Football Cards

French company Sorare might just have the next big NFT product. Sorare, which said slowly is “so rare” is an NFT platform, that sells digital football player cards.

Each football card exists on the Ethereum blockchain with the license fees of the players’ club. And Sorare have signed partnership with 40 leading clubs including European giants Juventus, Atletico Madrid and West Ham.

As well as being collectible digital football cards, Sorare is a fantasy football blockchain game. It’s built on Ethereum sidechain LOOM, and the digital cards represent footballers.

Sorare Fantasy Football

Sorare produce new cards weekly and put them up for auction on the Primary Market. The opening prices of each card is set as follows:

  • Rare Cards: 0.01 ETH
  • Super Rare Cards: 0.10 ETH
  • Unique Cards: 1 ETH

A unique card will be the only one of its kind, whereas the rare and super rare cards have a limited amount depending on the amount of players participating on the game.

Players can buy the cards and save them in hope of a card gaining value, as in if you were to buy a young player and he became a world beater, the value of that card would go up, or you can have fun and play a football management type game.

During the season, there’s a weekly game with ETH prizes for the winning manager. To win the prize a manager will choose five cards that he/she believes will perform best over the matches played.

The way a player performs determines the amount of points you receive, but that’s not all. Let’s say you have the unique card of Christiano Ronaldo, you will receive many more points than somebody with a ‘Rare Ronaldo’.

Managers with the most points will win ETH in the fantasy football weekly competitions, and as time goes by and your players (cards) get more experience they will go up levels as long as you are using them to play, and as they go up a level, they will go up in value, too.

As well as Sorare creating cards for the Primary Market, there’s a secondary market that allows players to trade cards. This is a free marketplace and the price of each card determines what someone else is willing to pay.

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In Summary

NFTs are becoming ever more popular on Ethereum, and platforms such as Decentraland, CryptoKitties and now Sorare are bringing a new dimension to blockchain gaming.

With football taking a bit of a backseat due to the coronavirus pandemic, the popularity and trading volume of the football cards has weakened, but I expect it to gain popularity as things return to normal.

Juventus believe in Sorare, as do many other top European clubs. And the eagerness for armchair fans to pit their wits and become leading managers will see Global Fantasy Football become a truly global game.

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