All You Need to Know About’s Europe MCO Visa Card

European citizens usually get a raw deal on credit cards compared to their US counterparts. American card users enjoy generous rewards such as air miles and hotel points bestowed on them by the finance giants. In contrast, thanks in part to EU regulations limiting fees charged by the card issuers, Europeans are far less incentivized to swipe.

However, for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the playing field is starting to look a little more level, now that has launched its pre-paid MCO Visa card to citizens in 31 European countries. Following a successful launch in the US and Asia, does the European card measure up? Here’s our review.

Please note that this review is based on the Europe MCO Visa card issued to a French resident.

Rewards and Benefits of the MCO Visa Card

The Europe MCO Card offers all the same benefits as the US version of the card, under many of the same terms. Users are eligible for cashback of up to 5%, along with rebates on Netflix and Spotify subscriptions, and global airport lounge access.

Anyone can apply for the first tier of the card – the plastic “Midnight Blue” edition – and start earning 1% cashback. Rewards are paid in’s MCO token.

However, like the US version of the card, the rewards become progressively more generous, the more MCO you stake. To unlock the full benefits of the highest tier, called Obsidian Black, you’re required to stake 50,000 MCO tokens⁠—worth around €190,000 or £170,000 at the time of writing.

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